Merauke, Papua — Indonesia: Home Sweet Home

4 min readApr 30, 2022

I hardly remember when was the last time I visit my hometown “Merauke”. Glad, I’m back this year spending 2 weeks there, with suprise event happening. The network is unavailable so that means no Internet. Yup..for the first time in my life since internet invaded our world with its convinience and speed to connect with people now I’m back like the old days, message or calling its more easier. But there is positive coming from it; that means I have to really talk to people, no screen interfere between me and my interlocutor. Makes me more human😀.

More talking in the afternoon and evening with my Grandma and Uncle asking them the latest news that we or I had never heard before. Listening to my Grandma’s funny story or asking her about our family tree or our family history, that is still a mystery for me sometimes. My Grandmother comes from a big family, when I say big.. like huge😶, she has 14 siblings including her, and she’s the oldest. One by one she saw her brothers and sisters cross the bridge before her; some of them cross the bridge even before my Great-Grandmother. It’s delightful to reconnect with my aunties or I called them “Mama” or mother in English because technically they are the same line as my grandmother eventhough they’re donnot look so old. Interesting story about my grandmother is that “when my grandmother is pregnant, but I don’t know maybe with her first or second child, her mother (my Great-Grandmother) also pregnant”. Some of them even younger than my mother. That is why I have 2 cousins who has the same age as me. And I should call them uncle, but anyways, it’s confusing even for me ><. Now let’s move on.

Taken by written.writerr

This is my house, where I spend almost my childhood here. I remember I used to ride bicycle around the yard with my brother or play hide and seek with my neighbour children. I remember that my brother and I take turn to clean the leaves that fall from a mango tree to our yard every afternoon. The lion whose used by guest use to knocking our door it’s still there and dusty. As soon as I grew up in junior high school, I spend my time more with my friends in the terrace. I still remember the fresh air I breathe everymorning, even though it’s really hot in the morning. For your information the east of indonesia known as the first island who welcome the sun every morning, that’s why its like summer all year for us.

Taken by written.writerr

I’m always proud of my heritage. Tolerance in my hometown is still really high. “Merry Christmas” is not a taboo word; we celebrate Christmas and Eid happily and invite guests to our homes to enjoy the cuisine we prepare and to converse; “how are you doing?” is a popular topic. When it comes to religious celebrations, food and snacks take center stage.😋.

Sota is the front line of the Republic of Indonesia which is directly adjacent to Papua New Guinea. Picture Taken by written.writer

And just like Meilin Lee from the Red Panda said:

“Sometimes I miss how things were. But nothing stays the same forever”

Lots of changes in my hometown, and the great news is “Pizza Hut” is in the town, he’s the cool kid on the block now. The border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea also have some make over, and it looks nice😁. Lots of modern cafe build in the city. But homemade food it’s still the best, Pisang molen or banana molen, fried tempe, fried tofu with vegetables filling, taste better here rather than Jakarta *no offense*. And more food on the list.

Mopah Airport — Soekarno — Hatta International Airport. Taken by: Written.Writer

But a journey has come to an end. I have to go back to my daily life as a worker in metrapole city, Jakarta😭. Can’t believe 2 weeks felt like a day. I still want to stay. I have to go back next year.

See you on my next journey




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